Allergy Shots

For some people, allergy symptoms can be mildly annoying; for others, they have the potential to kill. But at what point should people enlist the help of an allergy specialist?

"People should see a specialist for several reasons, but the most important is to get an accurate diagnosis," says Pamela Harris, MD, an asthma and allergic disease specialist at Park Nicollet Clinic. "Once we know what exactly is causing the allergies, we can develop effective strategies to avoid the triggers and prevent the symptoms." People also should see a specialist if their allergies interfere with everyday activities or if their symptoms are not adequately controlled with over-the-counter medications.

Know your enemy

"Not all sneezing or congestion is caused by allergies," Dr. Harris continues. "Before undergoing drastic measures to avoid dust mites, it is important to determine whether dust mites actually are triggering your symptoms." Congestion and sneezing can be caused by reasons other than allergies including infections, structural abnormalities and medications.

Skin tests are the most common method for determining which substances, or allergens, trigger allergy symptoms, source c4 pre workout. "We take a small amount of a suspected allergen and scratch the skin. If the area becomes red, itchy and swollen within 15 minutes, the test is considered positive," Dr. Harris explains. "Patients say the most uncomfortable part of the test is that a positive reaction feels like a mosquito bite."

29 October 2016

Breast Cancer Consult

At Park Nicollet Jane Brattain Breast Center, doctors and staff are dedicated to breast health. "When we planned this facility, we really wanted to cater to women and have a place where they could feel comfortable and secure," says Mary Lechner, MD, medical director at the center. "Everyone here is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer and providing our patients the absolute best care possible."

More than 10 years ago, the original 3,000-square-foot center opened its doors to provide women with prompt and personalized care. "We realized it was taking too long to complete a diagnosis," Dr. Lechner says. "Women who can feel breast abnormalities, or who have abnormal mammograms, want timely resolution." The facility outgrew its original location and now is housed in a new 17,000-square-foot center.

Welcoming environment

Breast center staff are dedicated to making women feel welcome the moment they step into the facility. "I think it is a pleasant place for people to come," Dr. Lechner says. "We have tried to make it a welcoming and warm environment with feminine touches. Coffee and tea are offered in the lobby, and thick spa robes provide additional comfort for patients."

18 September 2016

How To Stick To A Diet: 31 Quick Tips

So what do you think is the hardest part of dieting? That's right, sticking to it - motivating yourself to keep eating those healthy food options when tasty but fattening alternatives are readily available.

It's certainly not easy to keep yourself motivated - week 1 might be a dodle, week 2 probably a bit harder, but we want to make real long term changes right? So how do you stick to your diet well into month 3, 4, 5:?

Here are 31 bite sized tips to keep you motivated:

1 habit at a time

I mentioned in my previous post (healthy weight loss) that we humans are not good at forming more than one habit at a time. Trying to change every aspect of how you eat all at once is a recipe for disaster, some http://trulyrawgourmet.com/slimgenics-reviews.html. Just change one thing at a time and change your lifestyle gradually.

Stay full

Thanks to a clever bit of evolution our brains are hard wired to crave high calorie foods whenever we are hungry. The hungrier you get, the more you want a high fat, high carb pizza, or piece of cake. Avoid this evolutionary betrayal by never letting yourself go hungry.

2 July 2016

New You Diet Reviews - Meet Weight Destroyer Author<

New You Diet Reviews, Destroyer Pills To Lose Weight - Weight Of Imperial Star Destroyer.

New You Diet ReviewsNew You Diet Reviews, Michael Wren, a fitness consultant has designed "Weight Destroyer" regarded getting hugely helpful fat loss system. He's also an author of numerous applications that ended up becoming very best sellers. Two of his ideal applications are "Anything Goes Diet" and "Adonis Index System". Michael is definitely an person who's quite passionate about how you can retain a healthier human physique and acquiring the ideal physique shape. He spent all of his life shaping his physique and to discover an ultimate resolution to assist individuals attaining a great match physique shape. This is the reason he name this extremely popular fat loss plan a "Weight Destroyer".

How does "Weight Destroyer" system perform?

Each of the feedback we went via, on online, about "Weight Destroyer" eBook was massive and very constructive, more http://limecompany.com/viril-x-reviews.html. Weight Destroyer Program Free Download, Many of us losing considerable fat from their bellies, thighs, hips showed up, praising the concept gratefully. The system will not only concentrate on slimming down but as an alternative areas unique emphasis upon locating by far the most successful indicates of lowering fat, focusing upon the matter of nutrition. The plan seeks to analyze people after which produce a diet plan method created to attain the most effective benefits without the need of obtaining to resort to strict and desperate choices.

"Weight Destroyer" includes a 30 days kick start out strategy having a suitable schedule for any maintained diet plan that inform you what to consume and what to not and just how much to consume specifically. It explains that how human physique need to consume all the nutrients regularly and in preferred proportions. A single requires to personally monitor their wellness frequently.