12 January 2016

Sales Training

HealthTechForce can implement high-impact training programs focused on product knowledge, competitive understanding, technical knowledge, policies and procedures, and regulatory compliance. Each program will be specifically designed to build knowledge and competencies in order to best represent your products and brand to achieve the desired business results.

New Hire Training:

Hiring sales staff often puts strain on an organization to assure that the new hire is bought on board in a smooth manner and given the proper training to optimize their sales impact once they begin to engage customers. A new sales representative needs to quickly build a knowledge base, orient to the organizational sales model and expectations, refine their skills, establish proficiencies with technology and administrative duties, and have the opportunity to practice and receive coaching. Establishing an impactful program to train sales representatives is fundamental to building a highly functional sales team. We can work with you to identify key knowledge and skills, build a training curriculum, and perform initial training.

Staff Development:

Continuous development of sales staff is essential to meet the needs of a rapidly changing sales environment. On-going sales training requires a methodology to assess the knowledge and skills of the representatives and then the implementation of training to close any gaps in competencies. Some organizations may identify a skill, such as lead generation or objection handling, as critical to their success and require specific training of the sales team.

Management Development:

As organizations grow and the business environment becomes more complex, the skill of the field sales manager must develop in order to effectively coach and manage their representatives. Effective sales organizations depend on the field sales manager to lead the charge. Building a training program to develop the skills and knowledge of field management will help to create an environment to share best practices, refine coaching and knowledge, and produce a more consistent approach to field sales and representative coaching expectations.

Field Training:

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes on a topic can lead to new solutions. Implementing an effective field training program is a great way to support the field sales managers and the representatives in their development. HealthTechForce can work with you to meet all of your training needs, including providing field trainers to support your staff and organizational development.