How to Clean Carpets with Chem-Dry?

For cleaning carpets, there are a few different options fresh healthy carpet cleaning. However, it is more common to use wet cleaning techniques. Recently, professional cleaning services have come up with an innovative technique that requires low moisture. The cleaning process is also called dry cleaning or chemical-dry cleaning.

About chem-dry cleaning

It is possible to clean carpets using dry foam or chemicals. This technique works best on carpets placed in high-traffic areas where wet cleansing could be problematic. Additionally, it is often used in deep cleaning. A common myth is that the method does not use any water. There is some wetness in this method. Prior to the process, carpets are cleaned with a special preconditioner for heavy soiling. A chemical is dusted on the carpet and then brushed in with repeated vigorous brushing.

After an approximately hour-long drying period, the carpet can be thoroughly vacuumed to remove the dirt.

What are the benefits of chemdry cleaning

It has a number of benefits. They include:

* Faster drying time

Because this carpet cleaner uses less moisture, the drying process is quick. After the cleaning, you can actually walk straight over the carpet.

* Prevents excess wetting

This technique of carpet cleaning is effective because it does not allow the carpet to become too wet.

You can clean your carpets without leaving behind mold and residue. Since no liquids are involved, no bacteria can be incubated.

* All-natural and Organic

Most carpet cleaning professionals use completely organic chemicals. These chemical are toxins-free, and therefore safe for humans and dogs. Using these cleaning products won’t cause any harm to people with allergies and asthma.

Take Precautions

The method of chem-dry is highly effective because it allows for a thorough cleaning without the need to make messes or leave residues. The process should include certain safety precautions. In the first place, it’s important to train the technician on how to use the cleaning equipment and agent. If there are any piles, use the dry-foam machine according to the flow. This can require that you turn the machine off, then go back to an adjacent area and foam it in the direction of flow. You should also make sure that foam has completely dried before you vacuum it. Untrained technicians may fail to achieve desired results. You should always ask about the agent that is used to clean the carpets when you’re hiring a company. To achieve an eco friendly approach to carpet cleaning, it’s important that you use organic and non-toxic agents.
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