Is Running A Painting Business Seasonal?

This morning I was listening to someone who had just opened their own painting company but complained that it is slow 和諧粉彩. Someone else said, “They didn’t wanna burst [their] bubble but painting was seasonal”. Is Painting A Seasonal Business? I’d like to burst his bubble by saying, “No painting is seasonal.” Paintings of a certain type can be considered seasonal. It is true that EXTERIOR Painting is seasonal, from spring to fall, unless your climate is warmer. You can work on other types of paintings like faux painting and mural painting as well as interior painting in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings.

When I first began my painting business in the fall, it was actually early on. I had residential work throughout the entire winter. This included the hardest part of the season, between Thanksgiving to Christmas. My first year was not bad, I suppose. Consider this: If running a painting company was a seasonable business, all companies (large, small, and medium) would only have the ability to work for half of the year. Paint shops could as well close down during the winter. Window washing is not seasonal, no matter how cold. If you’re not interested in interior painting but only want to work as an exterior house painter, then yes it is seasonal. It’s easy to find winter work, like snowplowing or similar. There are many jobs available all year round.

If you want to operate a successful painting business, that is busy all year long, you will need to understand how to manage both the business and painting sides of the business. You may find it advantageous to have a partner in this endeavor. Advertising and accurate estimations are the two most important secrets of running a painting business. The rest is easy if you do these two things correctly. Some companies are more focused on the industrial and commercial markets, and others specialize in residential and smaller commercial markets.

After you determine if you will need a business partner who is reliable, employees or which painting markets to target, you can better focus your marketing. I read an article about a Chicago-area large painting contractor that focused on the commercial and industry painting markets. He soon discovered that these markets had deep pockets. This type of painting will require you to purchase some serious equipment. A crew experienced in industrial and commercial painting will be needed. Does this type of paint have a seasonality? There might be some slowdown during the winter months, but large interior projects are available all year. Painting is a seasonal business, but only because exterior painting is done in colder climates.