You Should Always Get A Written Estimate Before Working With Plumbers

It is surprising how many people hire plumbers who do not provide a written estimate. They may not have known any better, or they simply forgot. You should never hire any contractor or worker unless you get a written agreement that not only states the price but also the length of time it will take for the job to be completed. You should not feel awkward about asking for a price estimate in writing. It is your decision. It’s like they are interviewing you for a new job. As the person who makes the final decisions, you can ask for a written quotation. You should be prepared to deal with plumbers who try to avoid giving you one.

The will keep coming up with excuses, but it is important to stay strong. It may be that they claim that plumbing is a very complex task and that no exact price can be given. This is false and completely wrong. It is safe to assume that someone who wants to take advantage of you will charge you a lot more money than they should without any sort of remorse. Tell someone that if they cannot or will not give you a written time and price quote, you may have to look for another company. You should still refuse. At this point, they may offer to give you a written quote for the price in order to secure your job. The company has already shown their true colors, and there are many more plumbing companies that are waiting for work. They won’t all try to scam you.

Be sure to hold plumbers accountable for their written quote. The plumbing company can explain to you what happened if it is an unforeseen event. You will then need to give permission before they proceed. You will need to get a new price estimate. This happens, but it is rare. The main problem should have been visible before the work began. Not always, but most of the time. Keep all of these things in mind when looking for plumbers. The better you prepare yourself, the more you can save. It is bad enough that your home has broken down. You do not need to be taken advantage of by a company out to make quick money at the expense to everyone else.

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